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another TIMING question....  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: 06-25-2006 04:13 am
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Joined: 06-24-2006
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class="post"Hi everyone, new member here, and I apologize in advance for the long post....
I realize that there are many other threads with topics similar to these but mine is kinda specific.
I have a 74 Jensen Healey and the tensioner bearing is bad. So I need to switch out the timing belt while I'm at it. Here's the scenario. While putting engine at TDC, the tensioner was so shot, that the belt slipped a bit when rotating the engine with the crankshaft bolt. Thus the exhaust and intake cams aren't aligned anymore. Ugh. Then to make matters worse, in an effort to remove the tensioner bearing I tried to loosen the crankshaft bolt (turning counter clockwise) and rotated the whole pulley counter clockwise!! The piston was obviously moving because I checked it for TDC again. Man I think I messed up big time.....So my question is basically, have I messed up beyond repair? Or can I put it all back together and start from square one? I'm just worried about rotating that crankshaft pulley counter clockwise, (bent valves maybe?) Any help is appreciated.........I'd love to get it back on the road....

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 Posted: 06-25-2006 12:37 pm
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Judson Manning

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If you're read the numerous other threads on the subject, and it still isn't working out; you may be in over your head and need another pair of more experienced hands. 

Consider posting your location and searching the membership directory for members close to you.  It should be easy to find someone willing to help you out, or who can suggest a local shop that could do the work.

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 Posted: 06-25-2006 05:48 pm
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Jensen Healey
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So you're saying the belt jumped a tooth while you were rotating the engine by the crankshaft bolt? Then you removed the belt and turned the engine backwards? How far, 1/4 turn? How far are the cam pulley marks from pointing at each other?

With the crank 1/4 turn btdc, you can freely move the cam pulleys into position with the timing marks adjacent to one another. Then just slowly rotate the crank to the tdc mark on the crank pulley. Do not rotate the cam pulleys with the engine at tdc. Move the rotor until it points at the #1 plug wire and install the new belt. if you moved the crank 1/2 turn or more with the belt off you probably bent a valve.

Try some Kroil on the tensioner.


Good luck,


JH 13148

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