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John Finch

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Anyone have experience/history using an MSD 6a in their 907. I have a pertronix coil, magna core blue wires and stock distributor/points. I've increased the gap to.038 but am hesitant to go further to avoid arcing in the distributor. Any history and or recomendations  on plug gap and distributor issues appreciated. Thanks

Jensen Healey
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Hi John,

I use .035" but have had it as high as .045".  My distributor issues were related to the Pertronix which was out of phase and shooting sparks at the distributor cap clamps. Make sure the rotor is pointed at the tower when the spark fires. As your engine speed increases, the mechanical advance changes the position on the rotor that is closest to the tower which could cause problems only in a certain rpm range.

All of these things can be controlled by adjusting the position of the Pertronix.

It's nice to have the engine fire on the first turn of the crank!


JH 13148

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