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 Posted: 02-22-2021 09:46 pm
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My carbon canister is shot. A couple questions:
1. If I remove it do I just plug vacuum line from manifold and vapor(?)one coming from tank? Do I have to make sure vapor line end is above tank level? As you know getting back into the hook-up on top of tank is not a fun job, and it doesn't seem to get any easier the more times I do it.
2. If I replace it does anyone know what the third nipple(?) is for? I have one that came from tank and one from vacuum. I like the idea of not emitting more gas fumes into the air.

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 Posted: 02-22-2021 11:10 pm
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You could remove it, but DO NOT plug the line from the gas tank(possible vacuum created). You could plug off the 2 brass nipples on the back of each carb., or just run a fuel line between them.
The 3rd nipple originally had a red plastic plug in it--yours must be missing

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