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 Posted: 09-13-2020 04:57 am
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Joined: 09-17-2007
Location: San Francisco, California USA
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Been looking for a hard top for a JH forever. I like the style that doesn't have any windows on the side, but I'd consider any kind at this point. Would Delta have something like this?

I have seen a few go here and there over the years but shipping is always a pain. I am in SF, CA, and would consider shipping it long distance.

Any companies still around that might still be making something?

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 Posted: 09-13-2020 01:26 pm
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Disco/Chris:I have a couple but let me check to be sure of condition and all the pieces I'll send you photos in your regular email.(but unfortunately, I'm in atlanta, about as far away as one could get)
stay safe, bruce

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 Posted: 10-10-2020 03:43 pm
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You're describing a factory hardtop, it's got stainless steel trim on rear of the side door windows. You won't find any NOS tops from Delta or anybody else for that matter because there aren't any, I doubt you can even get a new 3 window aftermarket top like the Snug 3 window model.

Looks like you've got two options, keep looking for a local top and eventually you will find one, or Bruce has one right now and you'll have to pay the shipping. I'd take Bruce's offer, you know bird in the hand.

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