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sudden loss of power, for a while!!!  Rate Topic 
 Posted: 09-07-2020 03:39 pm
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I experienced today while driving the motor began to sputter ,loss of power and would not want to accelerate.
It lasted for a short time (5 minutes), i rev the motor several times and then I turned it off. restarted motor and rev the motor and all is well. I was able to drive the car home without any problems. Any thoughts on where to start my investigation?

i have a universal 12v micro electric fuel pump 2-3.5 psi installed it last year (carbole brand type). it has micro filter. i also, have a filter just before the carbs.
reviewing the engine i found a brown wire coming from the alternator harness with an exposed end ( the tape wrap was coming off) touching the oil cooler adapter line.fixed that maybe that caused the problem. will see.
first chance i get i'll flush the fuel lines.
update 2: found the problem clogged fuel filter at the tank before pump. 5 years ago i used an epoxy coating sold by a harley dealer, come to find out it's a temp fix the coating breaks down and comes off in sheets!
having tank striped and refinished at a tank restoration service.

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 Posted: 09-07-2020 04:22 pm
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If it was "sputtering" s you said, it is most likely a fuel problem(if the TACH went to zero, then an electrical problem). Since the car restarted after sitting, a clogged fuel filter(or even an old fuel pump--ask me how I know), would likely be the culprit.
Start with the filters and keep us posted

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 Posted: 09-21-2020 02:49 pm
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I have experienced a similar problem on occasion usually after the car has sat for a while. The car starts and runs normally until I get out on the road then under brisk acceleration it starts to sputter then I have to do a low RPM drive home.

My problem was one(or both)of the pistons in the carburetors sticking so under acceleration the carb is starving the motor. Pulling the carb tops off and cleaning and lubing the pistons solved the problem.

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