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Headlamp removal  Rate Topic 
 Posted: 04-06-2020 06:07 am
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I wanted to replace the sealed beams recently and ran into a weird problem- the three screws holding the light in (via the chrome rim) aren't all in an accessible alignment. I can get to one ok at the top but the other two are obscured behind the GRP front panel. Nothing seems to be movable unless I get at something from behind, maybe in the wheel well.

Anyone have any tricks for this? I'd rather not go to the trouble or removing the GRP surround panel at this point.

Maybe there is a way to tilt it so that the screws become accessible using the headlight alignment screws?

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 Posted: 04-06-2020 10:08 pm
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I've ALWAYS had to remove the headlight shroud to remove/replace the headlights.
The 2 of #2 crosspoint screws and the 1/4"X 28 threads/inch wing nut on the back--not really that difficult or time consuming.
Concerning the headlight shrouds: the top/uppermost point of the shroud: this needs to be about 1/8" away from the front fender, or I guarantee, the flex in the car will crack the shroud. We always reinforced this upper point with fiberglass on the inside(so it's not visible).
There should be 2 slight indents in the shroud for the left/right and up/down movement of the headlight(at least in the OEM ones--not sure about the aftermarket ones.)

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