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Leaking axle seal...  Rate Topic 
 Posted: 06-15-2019 10:10 pm
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Okay, My right rear axle seal was leaking, onto the tire and onto the garage floor.. So I pulled the axle shaft, and the bearing is fine the o-ring looks really good and the gaskets on the brake backing plate look like they were sealed good. I put a new o-ring and gasket sealer on the backing plates and it's still leaking diff fluid like crazy. What am I missing here? Is the bearing the seal and I need to replace it? Help!

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 Posted: 06-16-2019 02:51 pm
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If the differential is over filled it will leak out at each axle until it finds it's level, The diff. oil should be filled to the level of the plug on a level floor, if you fill it with the rear end high, that tends to overfill. there is a oil seep hole at each axle and they are not intended to "seal".

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