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removing the front seats bolts was always difficult task for my JH.
here's way. First, there is a full rear seat lock position that allow's easy access to these front bolts! The problem, when sliding the seat back the seat cushion frame hits the floor pan bump first, to get around this i did the following.
first, slide seat forward to expose the REAR seat bolts and remove them.
next, place a thin piece of wood between the seat cushion frame and the floor. providing a ramp so the seat can be slid back over the floor pan hump. (i used a 1/4" piece of plywood for the ramp).
now, set on the seat (optional), hold and disengage the seat lock lever forcing the seat rearward until the seat lock engages at the final position. it's about a 1" or so travel past the normal seat incremental positioning features.
Now. the seat front bolts will be exposed forward of the seat cushion, the seat latch lever will be in lock position. remove front bolts.
when installing your seats. first put the latch side track in the full rear install position. attach the front bolt to that track only. then from behind seat push the inner track slide forward (matching the outer track position) this may take a few wacks, depends on your track. install bolt. Unlatch and then slide the seat forward and exposing rear bolt holes and then attach bolts.

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