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Ugly rockers  Rate Topic 
 Posted: 07-09-2005 01:27 pm
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and I'm not talking Mick Jagger either.  The ugliness of 16984 continues to be revealed as I peel back layers of bad fiberglass work, bad metal work, and bad mud by the evil P.O.  The body shop that installed my new floor pans dropped my poor Jensen off at my house while I was on vacation ignoring the obvious rust spots an inch or two above the weld line.  I was working on those myself and was led to pull of the door sills and found that mud and metal had been placed on top of old rust and the rockers were in worse shape than I thought. 

So....anybody out there got a pair of rockers lying around that they want to sell? I know they are available new from Delta but if I someone has some that they don't need and I can take them off your hands for a bit less maybe the marital stress that has been brewing since I picked up my beloved project car will escalate a little less.  She doesn't currently know the latest prognosis...

Either way, I will not be deterred, this car will yet live again.  After the pans were in place I took her for a quick 80 mile roar up from Maryland into Pennsylvania and back with nothing in the interior but the steering wheel, the pedals, the upper dash, and one seat.  Probably not the prettiest sight but a lot of fun as the engine is still strong.

Everyone have a fun summer!

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