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 Posted: 06-28-2005 05:18 pm
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I recently purchased a tonneau from Delta Motorsports. It arrived and appears to be the correct size and of good quality, but it came with 3 different types of snaps and zero instructions.

The tonneau came with

- 10 "standard" snaps (top section rivets together)
- 4 Lift-the-Dot fasteners
- 2 Tenax fasteners
- 2 built-in flat metal bars that fit under the two top attachment points on the rear decklid.

My car appears to have had a tonneau at some point in the past, as it already has

- 6 "standard" snaps (2 on each door and 1 on each side about 3" behind door)
- 4 Lift-the-Dot fasteners (1 on each A-pillar and 1 next to each dash top vent)

The tonneau is a Robbins tonneau, and it came marked with chalk "X' marks for the recommended locations for fasteners. All but 2 of the marks line up with the existing fasteners on my car. On the tonneau, there are 2 additional marks, one about 4" outboard of each of the top attachment points on the rear decklid.

Was that at all clear? Here are my questions:

1) Which of the fasteners should be used on the rear decklid where my car does NOT currently have any attachment (outboard of the top attachments)? The answer should be either "standard" snap or Tenax, since those are the extras, but mightn't either interfere with the top when it's on?

2) I know that there are tools specifically designed for installing snaps, and a quick online search turned up a range of such tools. With the three different types of attachments - "standard" riveted, Lift-the-Dot and Tenax - do I need to purchase these specialized tools? If so, any recommendations at a reasonble price? If not, recommendations for accurate installation?

3) My other option is to take the car and the tonneau to a top shop and have someone else install the tonneau. I don't like that option, since I like doing as much as possible myself. Still, any recommendations for shops in the Bay Area? Specifically, I live in San Jose, CA.


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 Posted: 06-28-2005 06:26 pm
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Mark Rosenbaum

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Attached is a photo of what's on the right side of my car.  The left side corresponds with these.  I have what appears to be a factory tonneau cover whose various fasteners align with these, though the cover itself seems to have shrunk somewhat in the past 30 years....


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