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I  need a Jensen 5 speed Shifter Assembly.

OK folks, I'm committed (well, I should be) to rebuilding three 5 speed Shifter Assemblies.  Have to do at least 3 at a time to mitigate machine shop set-up charges.

While I'm at it, I would like to add a "spare" to the group which I'll hold until some poor 5 spd owner is in need of one and we can't find two others to do a quantiy 3 lot.

I've done a total of 13 units in the past 4 years, so there is not a great call for these.  Perhaps the 5 spd owners think that sloppy shifting and missing a gear is part of he Jensen experience...........

The photo shows the completed assembly, and includes all the parts that I would need in the core I'm looking for.  I'm willing to pay a reasonable price, but understand I'm doing this for some future owner, and not for me ! ! !  FREE would be better, even if it is missing some parts.



Pete Bahr

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