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Installing rear wheel cylinders  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: 03-13-2008 11:53 pm
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I dorked around and dorked around trying to figure out how to install the rear wheel cylinders.  This is Girling specific but may also apply to Lockheed.  Let me get to the point.

Clean the mounting area of the brake backing plate front and rear and apply a thin coat of grease to both sides.  It may be special grease because it came with the mounting kit.  Then stick the wheel cylinder through the hole with the piston facing aft.  Put the rubber boot over the inside of the backing plate and wheel cylinder from the back of the plate and install the bowed large clip with tangs from aft to front, with the tangs facing the center of the car.  In other words, the open end is facing front and the tangs are ready to engage the slots in the flat clip.  Now install the small horseshoe clip from aft to front.  Adjust the rubber boot.  Now stick the handbrake lever through the backing plate and pry the wheel cylinder up gently so the pin engages the slots in the aft portin of the back of the wheel cylinder.  Adjust rubber boot.  It may help to have the wheel cylinder slid toward the front of the car.   For the coupe de grass, take the large flat clip and slide it in between the bowed clip and the small clip from fore to aft.  Make sure everything is going in the right place before tapping it home.

What a crappy design.  It seems the wheel cylinder applies pressure unevenly and eats up the aft shoe quickly.  But there is a bonus!  You can simply swap the shoes fore and aft and get twice the mileage out of them.

Yes, I have been beering it up!  Have a nice day



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