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 Posted: 04-02-2010 12:01 pm
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What year is your car?  The slow oil pick up on early models was caused by the lack of an air bleed in the pump.  On later models there is a very small hole 1.5mm (from memory) that bleeds air out of the pump on start up and allows the pump to prime much faster.  My fist Healey used to take something like 40 seconds to make oil pressure after start up.  There was a service bulletin from the factory on how to drill the Aux housing to alleviate the problem, I did the modification and oil pressure came up in a few seconds.  The same thing can happen if the bleed hole gets clogged up.  I'll bet your car doesn't have the drilling, if you are taking the aux hosuing off to work on the pump it is easy to do - but you need a long drill bit as the position of the hole is tucked down inside a hollow.  Garry