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 Posted: 03-25-2010 09:46 pm
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Thanks for all the advice, I pulled cooler hoses off and blew out with compressor and found no blockage, then removed distributor and brass plug on top of oil pump, then pumped the relief valve? in and out a couple of dozen times and managed to get a few lumps of crap to squirt out. Reinstalled everything and low and behold 55lbs at above 1200 rpm and 20lbs at fast idle. It still however has a mind of its own and tends to drop to around 5-10 lbs at low idle. Have purchased a 2nd hand pump off a Lotus supplier in England and when it arrives I can have a go at a proper rebuild. Another thing I noticed was after removing plugs and HT lead from coil and turning engine over via starter motor was a click sound that really sounded like HT spark jumping, could this have been the relief valve operating or the distributor shorting internally? also don't like that stupid plastic oil pressure line to gauge, can it be replaced with an electric sender unit on motor and new electric pressure gauge and if so where would I source the parts?

thanks for your help