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 Posted: 05-15-2009 03:12 pm
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I would stick with paint I know for a restoration. In the fullness of time, saving a small amount on material could bit you in the bum down the line, or worse immediatlely. It's the application of the paint that will cost more, not so much the material itself. For basecoat/clearcoat the painter will first, after proper preparation, paint the car tangerine and when that has dried go over it with several coats of clear. With single stage, he will paint it once. The single stage will harden glossy, basecoat however will dry flat with the clear providing the gloss & protection. I can't answer you question regarding paint quantity as there are several factors to consider. Are you painting just the exterior, or a full repaint meaning jambs (doors, hood & trunk off) engine bay, trunk and interior? The higher the quality of paint the better the coverage and therefore less paint you will need.  However if money is tight and if you should run out of paint, you can always buy more. Although that may annoy the painter!  Also you will want some left over in case of any errors in painting, reasssembly or accident damage that may occur later on. By the way, store the left over paint in as small a can as possible.