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 Posted: 05-15-2009 03:41 pm
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Thanks for the info. I have an ICI paint code i found on the message board (ICI M0788483) but could not find anyone using ICI paints or someone that could give me the cross reference to either Dupont, PPG or Sherwin-Williams. I do not have the original factory color code as the tag is illegible. I am planning on using a Base coat and Clear coat combination, probably using the Dupont Chromabase system as i can get this paint made up. The paint supplier suggested equivalent paints by a company called LIMCO at a significant savings however i have never heard of them.

When i priced the paint whether it was the single stage or 2 stage paint system the cost was identical when using the Dupont products. The paint store estimated that 2 quarts of base coat should be enough for the whole car, or should i get more? Thanks for the help.

Francis G