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 Posted: 03-22-2009 03:48 am
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This was Ron Earp's ITS car; I have been making slow progress recently but at least it's progress!

I am using a Mazda RX2 rear axle (it's 53" wheel face to wheel face, the stock J-H is 54") with an RX7 clutch type limited slip, 4.86:1 gear, RX7 rear disc brakes and have nearly completed the rear coilover and 3 link setup.

Here's the housing and 3 link in place for one of MANY test fits:

I got industrious and completed the upper shock mounting today, here is the left side QA1 coilover in its final resting position:

I still have to brace and triangulate the upper shock mountings and box in the part of the rear inner fender that I had to cut away for shock clearance. Once all this nasty stuff is done the powerplant will be installed!

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