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 Posted: 02-26-2009 03:49 pm
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My JH is a blue metalic (not sure the name) but it is original and came on the later JH's and GT's, I really like it because I think it shows the cars lines of nicely and there arnt to many in this color. Delta uses a picture of it on the web site.

My second JH that I'm in the mist of restoring happens to be Tangerine Orange, when I first saw it I was positive that I would respray it something else, but towing it home I stopped at a Micky D's for lunch, nice sunny day, and walking back to the car after it just seemed to glow and stand out from all the lumps of metal around it. When I got it home (she who must be obeyed) said she liked the color in a retro way, so that clinched it.

Ive changed colors on other cars in my time, and unless you do it right, it's hard to pull off, open the door and the jams are yellow but the cars red..... stuff like that.