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 Posted: 10-18-2008 02:15 am
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I am just discovering this as well. My JH was just painted, and I'm currently re-assembling the car. I ordered new outer window rubber weatherstrip from Delta. Nice stuff, just like original. But the clips they send with it are WAY too narrow. The clips will barly go over the lip of the weatherstrip, let alone the weatherstrip AND the metal lip inside the door. The orignal clips, which I managed to save a few, are wider. On the chrome trim piece on top of door next to the weather strip, has plastic rods and round metal clips. Delta told me these are not available. I can't re-use the originals as they disinegrate when taking apart.  Also on the rear chrome trim for the trunk lid, original was two stud plates at the ends, then 6 or 7 plastic clips for the rest. I asked Delta to send me these. The stud plates they sent are fine, but no plastic clips like original. Instead they sent these metal spring clips that look WAY too large and would never work unless you drilled the holes out much larger. I think I will just use more stud plates for the rear trim. Anyone know a good source for JH auto clips? Gary

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