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 Posted: 10-05-2008 10:58 pm
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Sold my perfect GT dash and console for BIG BUCKS to some guy in Maine!! (LOL JC!)  Like some of you, I always wanted to put the GT dash in my '74 JH but finally thought WHY?  I like the look of the dash in my JH.  I like the 4 banger too.  If I want to "feel" power and torque of an 8 cyl. snapping my head back and leaving rubber in 3 gears I'll drive my '62 365hp Vette.  If I want to enjoy a light and nimble ear to ear smiling drive I'm in my favorite driving car, my JH. Enjoy what you've got or buy more cars!!  Why try to turn a Ford Escort in to a Ferrari?  Buy both in that's what you like. Now, if you really like the looks of the GT dash, AC and power windows, buy a GT!  I've got one I'll sacrifice for 8K!

Life's short.  Drive fast and brake late, Sander in Atlanta ... '58 100-6, '60 Bugeye, '62, 84 and 85 Covette, '74 JH, 2 GT's, '75 TR6, '78 F-100 and a 31mpg '96 Geo for ever day!!