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 Posted: 08-04-2008 11:23 pm
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You need to remove the three bolts that hold the front quarter window in place (2 near the top and 1 at the bottom). It may need the L bracket at the bottom removed also to allow the quarter unit to slide up and out. The window slides forward off the track and then also comes out. Mark where the quarter unit bracket was as it makes it easier to line up later. Smaller hands makes this much easier especially the reverse process to put the window etc. back in.

In my case the wipers were screwed into the door sheet metal. Somewhat of a pain but it is possible to screw them back in. You do need to drill the wipe to actually get the screw through. I blieve in some cases there is a clip that pushes over the rubber and the metal lip. If you have the same ones I have from McGregor, I think it is a bit too deep for the clips.