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 Posted: 05-27-2005 03:38 pm
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Actually, bolts are not involved.  The stock wheel has a splined hole, fits directly onto the splined steering column shaft, and is held in place by split collar pieces on one end, and a large securing nut on the other.  The securing nut is hidden from view by the escutcheon plate at the center of the wheel.  See the attached sketch.

IIRC, the steering column came from an early-1970s Vauxhall, and presumably parts from that vehicle would fit.  Someone once remarked that a 1960s Chevy Corvair steering wheel would fit, but AFAIK that hasn't been verified.

If you're interested in an aftermarket steering wheel, Motolita offers a 9-screw hub adapter for the JH as well as an assortment of world-class wheels.  I have these on my own car and recommend them highly (usual disclaimers).  There's at least one other aftermarket steering wheel manufacturer with a hub that fits the JH but at the moment I don't recall which.

Alternately, it's possible to take a surplus JH steering wheel to a machine shop that will turn it into a hub that will fit whatever steering wheel you want to use.  I don't know of anyone who's tried this, though.

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