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 Posted: 05-27-2005 02:31 pm
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Lacquer, then enamel, then 2 stage …. the paint business is constantly evolving to better and easier to use chemicals.  The cost of materials seems to double each decade too.  The latest products are single stage, superior to base coat clear coat in many ways, allowing the ability to go back and “fill in” scratches and chips easily, when needed, and to blend in areas by simply sanding.  No need to repaint an entire door or fender.  I was exposed to the new PPG product line and was amazed how simple it was to use.  I imagine other manufacturers are out there too with similar products.  There was less “orange peel” and a much deeper reflection without having to wet sand and buff out.  This paint is very hard to chip and no yellowing like some clear coats do over time.  Ask questions when shopping paint shops for the latest and greatest stuff on the market.  Base coat clear coat … it’s yesterday’s news.