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 Posted: 05-14-2008 08:59 pm
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The replacements aren't exactly the same, from what I can tell.  The part is almost the same as the one on an MGB, which seems to be what Delta has.  The difference is the angle of the sheet metal under the light, so the new ones don't sit as nicely as the originals.  But if the originals are shot, what can you do?

I'm making this remark based on some cars I've seen at shows (managed to save my original rubber bits so far).  I may be incorrect: the folks with those cars may have just gotten MGB bits from Moss or some other MG specialist and Delta might have the correct ones.  So I shouldn't come down so strong.  Let me leave it like this: the replacement rubber bits may or may not have the same angle as the original ones, but they will keep water out of the light....