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 Posted: 02-16-2008 09:06 am
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I'd actually thought a straightforward steering wheel lock (baseball bat type $10~$20 on Ebay) would be as good as anything - I generally use one on my other cars anyway as its a good visual deterrent - coupled with a thumb tack on the drivers seat. Another thought was to install a discreet battery cut off switch somewhere under the dash together with a flashing LED on the dashboard and a couple of alarm stickers. I could also put a magnetic Virgin Mary on the dash board - just to cover all the angles.

I always think older cars with canvas roofs are a bit of a liability anyway as they are a fairly easy target for a thief with a sharp knife and a long arm - is it worth locking your doors? I'd rather loose a cheap radio than a canvas soft top.

Where I live is fairly rural and we don't get much in the way of car crime - other than the bills from the local body shop, so I'm not really that worried.

One idea I had on another project was to install a small bank of say four cross wired toggle switches with a simple on/off sequence to allow a current to flow through - eg on/off/on/on, it would be quite difficult for someone fumbling about with it to get the right sequence to connect the circuit (16 possible combinations) and would give me lots more switches to play with on the dashboard :-).