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 Posted: 01-06-2008 08:03 pm
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I Had asked this before but at the tail end of another Post (From 2005), after thinking about it I'm assuming no would read it unless it were a new post in itself.

So please excuse me if I'm lazy and just copy from that and re-post.

Hello gents, this is my first venture into the message board. I live in the North....way North than most of you, King City Ontario Canada. I'm new to the Jensen family but not new to british autos (1st car was an MGB and I never looked back. Now to my problem.

I bought a 1973 Jensen Healy in June (Just as I blew one of my own valves) I have yet to put her on the road but have managed to tinker here and there. One of my problems is the Tach, On start up it looks good and as she warms up the tach does not return but stays at 2000 rpm, If I rev it to 3000 she stays there. When the engine is shut down it again stays at 3000, if I leave it for period it eventualy goes back to zero.


Any thoughts you may have would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Dave

In King City