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 Posted: 10-27-2007 09:08 pm
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For some reason, the shop manual I have doesn't cover clutch cable installation very well.  Since the old one had snapped I had no trouble removing it but the installation of the new one at the pedal end has me scratching my head.  Iv'e tried to get my hand up into the pedal box from the floor board but it is VERY tight up there.   Can the cable retainer be removed/reinstalled with a very long needle nose plier?  If this approach is not viable I see no other way than to pull the entire pedal box forwad into the engine bay.  I'm reluctant to unbolt the pedal box because I don't want to break the seal and I don't want to disconnect the brake lines to the master cylinder unless of course I must.

Any advice on the best/easiest way to get at this is most appreciated!  Albert