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 Posted: 02-28-2007 03:10 am
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Attached drawing shows the basic dimensions I used to make my crossmembers.  Basic seat mount dimensions were 13 X 13 but I strongly suggest you check your own.

Pay very close attention to the side to side position of the seat.  There is a small amount of adjustment on the seat rails but if you do not get it close your seats will not slide easily (trust me).

Drawings for the complete floor pans were in the May/June 2006 club magazine if you have them.  If you need the "fore and aft" dimensions I probably have them somewhere but will have to find my notes.  I also have many "before and after" pictures if they would be of use. 

Also seem to remember that cross members are available either in the club store or Delta.  May be an easier route.

Good luck,

Andy 15223

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