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 Posted: 02-24-2007 05:25 pm
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Judson Manning

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After doing it a number of times myself, I do not suggest pulling out the engine with transmission attached.  Of course getting to all the bellhousing bolts requires a 20" long socket extension which makes your initial idea atractive.

The engine is tall, heavy, made from soft aluminum, and the engine bay is cramped; all making for a challenging removal.  My suggestion is to pull the transmission from underneath along with the starter, clutch and flywheel.  While you are at it, remove the steering shaft and disconnect the headers from the exhaust system.  It also helps to remove the cam towers, intake manifold, water pump and auxillary housing from the engine as well as everything on the firewall plus the radiator.

Once you've removed all that wieght and have enough room, you have a number of options from where to attach a chain or sling.  Any of the 6mm or 10mm studs make good candidates, one at front and rear, with two more attachments for safety will suffice.  When you do get the hoist positioned, remove the hood support to get some room for the lift over the radiator support.

Good luck with it,