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 Posted: 02-20-2007 04:44 am
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Inside the rear fenders at the top you will see several bolt heads with the corresponding nut on the inside of the interior and trunk area. Once these are removed, the fender will be held in place with some seam sealer. You'll have to remove this also.

The front of the rear fender is held in place with the pop rivets. Also likely to be there is some lead to smooth some things out. This lead might be covering some pop rivets.

At the rear top where the fender meets the back metal is probably tack welded on. You'll need to gring this off. There are also some pop rivets on the rear of the fender.

At the bottom of the fenders will be a couple of screws (front) and small nuts and bolts (rear).

Once all these nuts and bolts, screws and pop rivets are removed, it will be relatively easy to slowly remove the fender. Any sticking caused by rust can be remedied by moving slowly and being patient.