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 Posted: 01-28-2007 03:54 pm
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Jim DeClerck

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Mark,  Thanks for clearing up the external oil gauge light question.  You are a deep and valuable reservoir of Healey knowledge.  The wiring diagram glued into the back my old Owner's Manual has a marginal note saying the Hazard Warning Switch Light is installed on W. German cars only.  But does not give any explanation for its use or location on cars destined to other markets. 

I thought there might be a ground fault but my continuity tests for the grounding were successful.  And individual bulbs tested outside their sockets do illuminate, so it's not the bulbs.  And there is continuity from the RW wire solder junction to the inside contact of the bulb sockets!!!   This defies logic.  Now I'm really intrigued and have to solve this problem.....