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 Posted: 01-24-2007 04:26 am
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Jim DeClerck

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  Thanks for reminding me about your excellent site.  I just looked at the photo of the switches for the lights, dimmer and hazard warning.  It is very clear that there are 2 RW wires connected to one of the dimmer switch terminals and 1 R wire connected to the other terminal.  And that's my problem.  In my car, 19336, there is only one RW wire connected to the dimmer in addition to the R wire connected to the other side.  The one RW that is connected powers the clock and heater control lamp, as noted by Mark.

  Close inspection of the RW wire junction connecting to the 6 instruments reveals that there are 7 wires gathered there.  So the missing RW wire from the dimmer switch is apparently somewhere in the under-dashboard bundle of wires and hidden by the wrapping.

  I guess my next step will be to cut the wire bundle wrapping, try to trace the 7th RW wire back to its origin and then splice on a length of wire to connect back to the dimmer.