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 Posted: 01-23-2007 06:04 pm
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Greg Fletcher

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I'd stick with Castrol 20W 50 myself. Castrol 20W 50 has the stuff older engines need to stay operational. Besides, the rubber seals on the 907 are designed for conventional oils. As Kurt mentions, I've heard numerous reports of excessive leaking when using some synthetics although some owners that have had no problems (lots of variables on that one), so it's going to be a roll of the dice. In any event, after reading that oil article in the January '07 issue, if I was going to use a synthetic, I would definitly go with a Redline street formula since they still use the vital ZDDP to keep wear at a minimum.

Remember, per that article, DO NOT use any other motor oils designed for new cars, it could spell disater for your 907 engine.