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 Posted: 01-11-2007 08:21 pm
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Judson Manning

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I'd be lying if I told you my first thought wasn't to transplant the KA24 from my 240SX into my dead JH back in 1993.  First problem is height, then I found a myriad of other reasons to keep with the 907 and eventually going with the 912.

Your project is ambitious indeed, my only reservation is there are WAY too many half-completed project JHs out there.  I can say both Ron and I must have a screw loose trying to make the JH competitive in a field of modern cars.  I guess it keeps us out of bars....

About the only advice I can give:  Strive in maximizing your fun-to-dollar ratio.  While there is fun in building, there is MORE fun having the car actually on the track. 

I'm doing the E-prod build because I have so many spares it's costing me basically zero to do it (thanks to Sander and others for their donations!).  It won't be that competitive, but I'm a certified JH nut, and have no other choice!

Honestly, if I had to do it all over again (i.e. 15 years ago), I would have bought a Miata or stuck with my 240SX.  There are just SO many more parts available off the shelf that we are forced to develop on our own with the JH.

With regard to the frame rails, all I did was pound everything straight then weld in a some 1" angle-iron supplimented by 3/16" steel plate at the p/u points.  I used 18ga sheet steel to fabricate a new floor.  Check back issues of the JHPS monthly.  A few months ago, a JHPS clubber was kind enough to share sheetmetal dimensions for making replacement floorpans.

Best of luck.