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 Posted: 11-08-2006 05:20 pm
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After purchasing the Wesco Performance #WELR-N selt belts, I found they did not fit my 1973 Jensen Healey properly.  I contacted Wesco and they suggested using the #I-3207 belts at web page:

 The #I-3207 belts fit perfectly.  Unlike the #WELR-N belts, these have a sash guide.  The belt retractor mounts at the bottom of the wheel well and the sash guide mounts at the top of the wheel well.  See attached photo.  When removing the original buckles on the inboard side of the bucket seats, I cut the two wires going to each buckle so the seat belt light on the dash board no longer works.

You can  use your existing mounting bolts or order Wesco's harware kit which contains new bolts, shoulder bolts, nuts, lockwashers and large washers and bracket.  Since the Jensen Healey has mounting points for the belts, the large washers, lockwashers, bracket and nuts are not used.


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