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 Posted: 10-08-2006 08:10 am
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A electric release would be an elegant solution but the solenoid that does the 'clunk' would need to fit inside the boot lid to trip the lock, as working on the lock is a bit like 'key hole' surgery and there is not much room in there or ease of installation.

Boot release cable I got was from the wreckers yard, they charge $10 for small items and the cable from any hatch back type car will do. Get the lever end bracket and the bit that goes in the boot also, a little bit of fiddling and it works.

There is a another option to do emergency release make up a loop of wire on the trip mechanisim that keep the boot closed and bring it out to one of the number plate lights, if the key breaks off or lock will not open you can take the lens off and pull the wire to trip. Only you will know its there so does not comprimise security of the car ( as if there is any on a convertible in the first place )

Dare I put forward a fourth option? When at the wreckers getting your boot release cable and a electric solenoid, get the whole hatchback lock. If you put the trip mechanisim onto the body of the car and the fixed tounge onto the boot lid and set it up you can have electric and cable release but you lose the key option. I toyed with this myself but have not done it as my car needs to go in for a VIN check as the registration has lapsed and the easiest route to getting it through is to have everything as standard as the factory made it, which is pretty difficult because some of the welding a putting the together the factory did was pretty poor, I like to think I have made it better than when it left the factory. We will have to see if the person carrying out the VIN agrees. Tony H.