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 Posted: 08-09-2006 03:19 am
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Mark Rosenbaum

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The horn switch, door light switches and courtesy light, headlight switch, and their associated wiring, are the most likely culprits.  If the problem is not one of these, then you'll have to check everything out methodically, one component at a time.  Bear in mind that it is possible to have multiple things go wrong at the same time.

JHPS member John Kimbrough has an electrical troubleshooting guide available on his website which may be of use to you, but it's in a format my computer doesn't have the software to read, so I can't comment on its utility save to note that other JH owners have found it valuable.

Finally, there are several online wiring diagrams that should be accurate enough for your needs, though they seem based on the European cars and may not show the Infamous Seat Belt Warning Module which also is powered by Fuse #3.