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 Posted: 07-16-2006 05:57 am
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Thanks Tony and Brett very much for your thoughts and insights!  After reading your replies, I've decided to be safe and just pull the glass off first before removing the frame especially since the dashboard is still in the car.  As you noted Brett, the glass does not come cheap.  Have checked used glass (British Masters, Ebay, etc.) as well as new glass (Ebay, etc.) for many months now and feel lucky to have found a used windshield to replace my shattered one.  Just wanted to make sure there was not some trick to it that I had missed (other than the "bit of wiggling" that you noted Tony!). 

This forum is fantastic - thanks to all who have taken the time to note their experiences, answer questions and pass on their knowledge in writing on all subjects.  It's fantastic and a huge asset to the less experienced owner.

- Todd