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 Posted: 07-14-2006 07:01 am
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Looks like your getting plenty of views but no replies, so here is my penny's worth. I did manage to get the frame with glass intact off the car, I had the dash out completely and used a solvent ( petrol I think ) to soften up the rubber mastic along the bottom edge of the screen. I made sure I cut and prised carefully and yes it did come away. Warm ambient temperatures would help also.  The reverse ie putting the screen back in, I had put the dash back in and it was suprising that the top of the dash was in the way, however after a bit of wiggling and an assistant applying the bead of mastic as per the manual, it all went back on. Again a warm day helps as things are softer. Seems to have sealed well along the bottom edge. My car looks as if it has had a replacement windscreen at some stage as it is a Royal Dalton brand from U.K, now you cant get more British than that. Tony H.