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 Posted: 07-13-2006 07:54 pm
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Has anyone been successful in removing the windshield and frame as a unit without breaking the glass or damaging the car/body?  I've removed all bolts and the unit is loose, but the brackets hit the body and the unit therefore is not lifting out.  Have not tweaked or forced it much in fear of breaking a nice used windshield.  Read the previous threads about what a pain it is to remove just the windshield glass, so thought that removing the entire unit seemed like a good idea, but the theory seems better than the reality.  It doesn't appear that this approach will work.

Anyone have any suggestions besides biting the bullet and removing just the glass?



p.s.  In the quest to get JH #19326 back on the road after a 13 year hiatus (and the renewed excitement about the marque that the whole adventure has caused), we've someone wound-up with 5 JH's.  Yikes.  #19326 did make it's maiden drive around the neighborhood this past weekend however after a very long slumber.  Nothing like a car moving under it's own power to get the project juices flowing!