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 Posted: 06-01-2006 12:34 pm
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pbahr wrote:

I can confirm that long sweeper turns will cause a drop in oil pressure, as experienced one day when I forgot to turn the switch on ;-(


I can too and wrote about that on our last test day for the JH #38.  I could simply watch the oil pressure flicker about 10 psi, and more, in a long (about 8 seconds) right hand turn at Roebling. Not confidence inspiring considering with the stock oil cooler and a modified 4 core stock brass radiator heat was still high and oil pressure at 3-6k was only around 35-40psipsi. Stock, but baffled oil pan.

I think messing around with a 907 motor on the track, with stock oil cooler, and with no Accusump, is not such a good idea. You'll probably be okay most times, but sooner or later something will go boom. 


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