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 Posted: 06-01-2006 02:39 am
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Harkes, yes, we agree.  I didn't see your earlier posts on the subject.  You should not have any problems for street/road use.  For track, get an Accusump, or really watch your oil pressure in the turns !!!!

However, I think that Ron raises a very good point - it does take some seconds for most JH engines to build up reasonable oil pressure.

I looked into pan baffles years ago, and could not find consensus on a design that really worked - that's why I went with Accusump.

I have my solenoid activated via a switch on the center console, under that flap that covers the storage space.  When running on a hot day, street or track, it doesn't take very long for the idle oil pressure to go to the low pressure of just a few psi.  Under those conditions, if a 3 qt. Accusump is "ON", you will be adding  an extra 2+ qts. of oil to the sump - not good.  For street, I only turn the Accusump on when I start the engine.  On the track, I turn it on when I leave the pits.  then, I turn it off on my cool-down lap at sufficent rpm to get 60+psi in the system.  A mechanical valve will not allow ease of accomodating  these two conditions-I'm a fan of the solenoid, based on my experience.

I can confirm that long sweeper turns will cause a drop in oil pressure, as experienced one day when I forgot to turn the switch on ;-(

Crank-fire ignition will get rid of the hp robbing spark scatter you will experience due to timing belt flap/gear shaft to Dist shaft slop/point bounce etc.  Just a few degrees at 7000 rpm will cause serious hp reduction.  Not to mention the ease of setting proper timing curve vs rpm.  Also has rev limiter adjustment.