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 Posted: 05-31-2006 07:44 am
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i don't see how we have a major disagreement...?

i said in my earlier post engine wear occors the most upon start-up. Especially when you have trouble firing up at once.

Accusump pre-oils before starting; in other words prevents engine wear.

so i think we agree..

i just said when you have a fresh/rebuild engine with electronic ignitor or similar or even an uprated starter motor (heavy duty gear reduction) the chances your engine fires instantly is pretty high and therefore the chances on serious engine wear is much less then when it takes 3/4 times of starting attempts.

on top of that accusump is a great solution for serious track driving as i said before..if  you are into serious track driving. When you are not or just occasionally then would it really be necessary to go through the cost of an accusump whereas a baffled sump could help out to great extend? Depends on you budget i guess.

yellodog is a fab car no doubt and like i said i myself am thinking of crankfired ignition because i think distributors even with electronic igntition is not ideal. Accusump? no, not yet anyway. I 'll drive my 2.2L 11.1 compression car first with with my baffled sump and i don't expect any problems on the road even when driving hard.

but i will go to track with it and watch my oil gauge. And if get hooked on racing on track then accusump is first on my list for sure.

happy motoring...summer is here