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 Posted: 05-31-2006 04:31 am
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FWIW, my experience with YELODOG, which has:  11.1 Compression Ratio, 2.2 L, Electromotive (crank-fire ignition), larger Oil Cooler & other stuff is noted below.

I have a 3 Qt Accusump with electric valve.  Switch control from cockpit.  Remote oil filter (big racing filter).

Don't have any cranking problems with standard Starter Motor.

Accusump is best investment I ever made (except, of course, the upgraded engine itself !).  Depending on where you get the data, there is somewhere between 80% and 98% wear on an engine during start-up - this is major disagreement with Harkes.  I always open the Accusump to the high pressure oil galley before I start the car.  It also works great when I'm on the rqace track at Summit Point and others.......

If you want to see the mounting arrangement, go to:  That website also has all of the YELODOG goodies listed - just click on "Read YELODOG Upgrades*" (the upper center pix) and scroll down.
.  Of course, you have to design a piping arrangement, but I could help you with that.

Bottom line:  Install the 3qt. Accusump, you'll never regret it.