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 Posted: 05-24-2006 10:49 am
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Hi Dan,

before Garry Kemp built my 2.2L engine we discussed this matter as well. I was in favour of the accu sump for the same reasons you have:

1) occasional track days

2) pre-oiling engine upon starting to prevent engine wear

Regarding 1) Garry assured me it wasn't really necessary unless i wanted to seriously race it on track. However he did stress the importance of a baffled sump, oil restrictor to the head and improved drain back from head to block. The baffled sump will prevent dangerous oil surge when taking those high speed long curves.

Regarding pre-oiling, which prevents engine wear upon start-up where usually most engine wear occurs: when your engine is in fresh condition and you have your stock points replaced for a pertronix ignitor or similar and/or in combination with an MSD6A or similar then i don't think you'd have trouble starting your engine and pre-oiling would help only very little.  Note; with my new 2.2L engine i do have a new heavy duty gear reduction starter since the much higher compression would make starting with the stock starter tricky. When your engine fires up quickly, then there is hardly any engine wear.

so, I ended up taking Garry's advice.

Hope this helps.

How is your project coming along? any new photo's? I would love to see your progress on the interior, engine (details?) and the everything else about your car.

Good luck, Erik