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 Posted: 05-22-2006 01:37 am
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Thomas Thomson


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Gary :

  Couple of thoughts - talk to the guy doing the stripping and make sure he doesn't apply any rust preventative.  The place that dipped the panels on 13753 did but neglected to mention it and paint won't stick to that stuff worth a hoot.  The problem with the hood may be a common one - that is attempting to close the thing without releasing the catch on the hood prop.  This will put a kink the panel which is very difficult to repair.  (guys named Tom have been known to do this)  To do body work and painting on 16971 I built a rotisser--- roter-- rotissy--  you know what I mean.  It makes the job ever so much easier and faster.  Good luck !


PS  Pushing a piece of sandpaper can be a good form of therapy