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 Posted: 05-20-2006 06:39 pm
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Judson Manning

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First of all:  No one's opinion counts unless it's your's!  There will be 1000 critics telling you what's "wrong" with your car.  The only person you have to satisfy is yourself. 

Come to grips with the fact this is your hobby and not a money making venture.  This is YOU doing what YOU love, not one of those shows on the Discovery Channel.  For Healey's sake, don't think of it in terms of a 'normal' car.

You could easily blow $10k-$15k playing golf, kiaking or surfing, and in the end you'd have great memories but nothing to show for it.  Think of it much more like a long-term committed relationship (like marriage, it's got it's ups and downs).

In 1992 if you told me I'd STILL be working on 13492, I would have said you were crazy....but guess what, it's been providing me with 14 years of 'entertainment' and solidarity with other JH members which is priceless to me.

May I suggest Zoloft or a good stiff drink???

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