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 Posted: 04-20-2006 04:44 am
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I think the seat cover replacement article may be found in one of the online back issues in the 'club garage'.  I have a vague recollection of having seen the article, but have no idea what issue it might have been in.

Each seat is held to its rails with four nuts and bolts that are almost impossible to access, and each rail is held to the transverse seat support brackets with two large allen screws (total of four per seat).  In my car, I could only undo each allen screw a sixth of a turn at a time, and consequently their removal took literal hours.  It's as severe a test of one's patience as I've come across recently. 

Rust is often present, and the use of penetrating oil -- or a cutting torch -- is likely to be mandatory.  Generous amounts of anti-sieze compound on all the hardware will be of benefit for any future removal that becomes necessary.

An alternative, which may not be possible when the seat is in place, is to pop off the ten C-clips that hold the bottom cushion to the seat frame, then lift the cushion up and out.  This allows direct access to all the hardware.  IIRC, there are normally two clips holding the vinyl to the seat frame's front tube, two holding the vinyl to the rear, and three on either side.

It's been my experience that the bottom seat cushions stay in place reasonably well without any C-clips at all.  Unfortunately, doing so may leave the cushions subject to removal by random passers-by.

Edit: The bottom cushions attach with C-clips to the seat frame, not the floor as originally stated.  The text above has been corrected.

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