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 Posted: 03-22-2006 10:06 pm
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I think that the nuts for these retainers are are 10-24 and they are a tad difficult to get to. They are still available through Delta though. During my restoration of 15851 (still in work) I put on new aluminum quarters. I hate drilling holes for trim/finisher attachments unless I absolutely have to, so instead I used double sided tape for these and the trunk trim. This also meant that I could position both these and the trunk trim, in the optimum position after painting and at final assembly. Optimum not perfect though, as the finisher's curve does not exactly follow the form of the outer edge of the quarter. I also cut off the small ear on the quarter trim, were it screws into the inner edge of the quarter near the trunk. For the stainless pencil finisher used on the top of the doors exterior, I also used double sided tape. Here though I retained two of the OEM push in studs, one at each end of the finisher.