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 Posted: 03-13-2006 08:43 pm
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Paul Prinsen


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A couple of gas tank issues:

Pulled the gastank, and found out that the sheet metal around the filler pipe is rusted out. What is the correct diameter of the hole? Has anyone figured out a nifty part (hardware store item) to use as a fix, or should I just fabricate an insert from sheet, and spotweld in?

Second question: The tank is held down with straps. However, there are also two brackets on top. Do they serve any purpose?

Third question: Safety may not be the most exciting issue, but ... I would like to incorporate an inertia switch to cut fuel in case of an emergency. I noticed one in an Alfa I rented once, and thought it was a good idea. Has anyone done this before? What junk car would be a good source for this part?